Honor 8 Doctor Strange bundle can be yours for just $290 [DEALS]


The Honor 8 was easily one of our favorite — and most underrated — phones of last year. Carrying dastardly good looks, top notch performance, affordable pricing, and a form factor under 5.2-inches, it could very well be the best phone in this size/price category. In fact, it earned a spot in our own Editor’s Choice for Best Android Phones of 2016.

It’s a new year and not much has changed. Well, the price of the Honor 8 is now lower than ever, with B&H Photo now offering the device for only $290. The best part is all the freebies you get as part of the deal, with the Honor 8 coming with a free clear TPU case and a limited edition Doctor Strange gift box featuring a few comics and movie-themed case. Not a bad way to add a little extra value to an already well-price Android phone.

If you feel 32GB of storage space is a little too cramped, there’s also the 64GB model for $340 (still a great deal). If you’re looking to save a ton of money on a premium, high-end, full capable smartphone, you could certainly do a lot worse. Link to purchase down below, just remember to clip the virtual coupon on the listing to get the reduced price in your cart. Cheers.

Buy the Honor 8 on B&H

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