Sprint now offering a limited $50 unlimited plan for a year


The four major wireless carriers in the United States are locked in a perpetual slap-fight when it comes to their advertising, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits. Sprint is going after Verizon’s claim that customers don’t need unlimited data plans by offering up their own unlimited plans, but there are some strings attached.

From now through the next four days, new customers who sign up to Sprint will get unlimited talk, text, and data for only $50 per month. Adding a second line will only cost $40, while additional lines after that are only $30 a piece. The main selling point here is Sprint’s unlimited data plan costs $5 less than Verizon’s new $55 5GB plan.

Channeling their inner John Legere, Sprint’s press release announcing the new plan just couldn’t help but take a few shots at Verizon:

We don’t underestimate the value of unlimited data and neither should you – or Verizon. I find it pretty ballsy for Verizon to tell me what I need or don’t need. We prefer to listen to our customers (not tell them what they need) and, overwhelmingly, Sprint customers are choosing our powerful unlimited rate plans to live their lives without limits.

Of course, there’s some fine print to be read with this deal, too. The “unlimited” plan you buy into is only good for a year and after March 31st, 2018 you’ll be back to paying Sprint’s regular price of $60/month. You’ll also have to sign up to autopay to get that further $5 discount.
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