Enyo is a challenging Android game I can’t put down


I’m going to be honest with you, I’m a sucker for challenging games. I loved Super Ghouls n’ Ghosts as a kid and I spent hours with Super Meat Boy when it arrived back in 2010. I’ve been craving that kind of experience with a mobile game for a while now, and Enyo has been the game that has delivered for me.

It’s developed by Tiny Touch Tales and players take control of Enyo, the titular Greek Goddess of War. You’re equipped with a set of four moves that can help you navigate a chessboard full of obstacles and enemies you must overcome in order to retrieve 3 artifacts. The game is turn-based so enemies don’t make a move until you do, but combining your own moves with obstacles in the game is where Enyo gets brilliant.

You can slide enemies past you with your hook, slamming them into spike walls or knocking them into lava. You can stun them by leaping next to them and then throwing your shield to knock them into the lava pit behind them. Each enemy type has a single skill that’s similar to yours, so it’s easy to identify how these enemies can possibly attack you, as you only have 3 hearts to make it through the whole dungeon.

You’ll be presented with new enemies as you go on and while the game is free, it does feature tastefully done advertising. You can choose to watch a short video in order to continue where you left off with one heart, or support the devs and pay $1.99 to remove all advertising completely.

For those who do buy the app, there’s a daily challenge mode that resets each day with a new set of obstacles and enemies and you can compete with your friends to get the high score. If you’re the type of person who misses challenging puzzle games, Enyo will definitely scratch that itch.

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