OnePlus commits to faster shipping times for OnePlus 3T


The OnePlus 3T is absolutely one of the best budget flagship phones you can find for 2016, despite there being plenty of tough competition last year. Despite how great the phone is, plenty of OnePlus customers have been less than thrilled with the shipping times on these new devices, both in Europe and North America.

The high demand for the OnePlus 3T when it launched last year led to some difficulties in keeping the phone in stock. OnePlus says demand for the phone “far exceeded anything we had ever experienced before.”

Now with our foot firmly in 2017, OnePlus is ready to turn a new leaf with its customers. The company has revealed in a post on their forums that they’re looking to reduce delivery times for their devices. Starting January 24th, OnePlus says its latest batch of Gunmetal OnePlus 3T 64GB phones is available for immediate dispatch in both Europe and North America. The company isn’t guaranteeing this availability forever, but it hopes to keep it that way.

Those waiting for the 128GB version of the phone are out of luck, but it’s nice to see OnePlus stepping up to try and fix one of the biggest sticking points with ordering phones from the company directly.

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