Allo v5.0 brings Chrome Custom Tabs and prepares for selfie stickers


Ever since Google release its new messaging application, Allo, we have been hoping and waiting for a substantive release with SMS support or something more useful. The application has just been updated to version 5.0 and brings a few minor changes, while preparing for another useless feature.


The biggest change to the latest version is the addition of Chrome Custom Tabs, which allows you to view web links without needing to open another application. However, it also seems that Google is preparing to add new types of stickers to the fray.

<string name=”face_capture_explanatory_text”>Take a selfie and we’ll automagically generate a sticker pack in your likeness. For best results, keep a neutral expression</string>
<string name=”face_capture_image_preview_content_description”>Image selected for sticker personalization</string>
<string name=”face_capture_preview_cancel_button_label”>Cancel</string>
<string name=”face_upload_wait_text_label”>Generating..</string>

According to an APK Teardown by Android Police, a future update to Allo will enable the ability to create custom stickers. Even better, these stickers will be based on a selfie image that you have taken.

It’s unknown what effects will be included with these images, but the string of code suggests using a “neutral expression”. From there, it’s expected that we will see customization options similar to what Snapchat provides with its various filters.

It’s unfortunate that Google has decided that sticker packs are more useful than SMS integration. Because of that reason, it’s going to be tough for Google to continue to convince everyone this is the best messaging app for Android.

Are you still using Allo, or did you give it up after awhile? Let us know in the comments.

[Android Police]


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