Jan 18th, 2017

Android One is Google’s program for pushing ultra low-cost phones in emerging markets. We usually don’t think of the US as an “emerging market,” but that doesn’t mean affordable phones aren’t needed here. Look on the shelves of your local carrier store and you’ll find a bunch of cheap devices. A new report claims those shelves could be filled with Android One phones.

This new report comes from The Information. They claim we could see Android One devices in the US as early as mid-year. The devices will be priced between $200-300. That’s not nearly as cheap as the $30 that Sundar Pichai is shooting for, but the US is not an emerging market. $200 straight up is super cheap for an unlocked phone. The benefit of Android One is you get speedy updates and stock Android.

That’s all we know at this time. No word on who will make the phone or how many phones it will be. Would you be interested in a cheap Android One device?

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