The Verizon Pixel is performing better than expected


The launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL was one of Google’s biggest achievements in 2016 as the company looked to move away from its Nexus branding and onto bigger and better things. However, Verizon may have underestimated just how well the device was going to perform, if a recent report is anything to go by.

A new report from Fierce Wireless suggests that the demand for the Pixel and Pixel XL is still going strong. In a survey conducted by Wave7 Research, the Pixel accounted for 9.5% of sales across 50 different Verizon stores. These numbers are huge considering the amount of marketing that both Verizon and Google sunk into the new devices.

“Most Pixel XL SKUs are shipping in March and most Pixel SKUs are out of stock as well.”

– Wave7 Research

The problem with this is a good one for Google and Verizon. The carrier is continuing to run low on stock of the device, meaning that Google is being forced to work as fast as it can to get shelves restocked.

Since you can still purchase the Pixel from Google directly, there is still a steady stream of new activations through different carriers. In another survey from Wave7 Research, 39% of sales representatives from AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile “are aware of an average of 2 Pixel activations each.”

Google obviously was hoping to launch a device that would turn mainstream, and it seems that is exactly what’s happening. It will be interesting to see the number of activations and possible sales numbers continue to roll in, but one thing’s for sure – Google couldn’t be happier with the results, so far.


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