LG files patent for another foldable smartphone/tablet hybrid


Now that the modularity craze has come and gone, the “next big thing” may be foldable devices. We’ve seen multiple rumors that Samsung and LG are both working on these smartphone/tablet hybrids, and now we are seeing another patent filed by LG regarding a foldable device.

The patent shows that the device will fold vertically, which will provide a tablet-like experience when it is unfolded. The unnamed device will also feature a touchscreen display on both sides, with the middle bar containing your notifications or music controls.

Finally, the device will also feature a fingerprint scanner, camera, and power button which would be housed next to the “additional display”. The way this patent is designed, you would also be able to fold the device like a tent, which would be great to watch some movies or TV shows on your desk.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see any of these new foldable devices announced at MWC 2017, but there’s always a chance.



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