Jan 17th, 2017

It’s always cool to see the various steps that companies and manufacturers go through before revealing the final product to the masses. Sometimes the design looks so funky that you’re ecstatic that the design was changed, while sometimes it’s the other way around.

However, a patent that was filed in 2015 reveals what Google may have originally had in mind for the 2nd-generation Chromecast. This alternate design for the Chromecast shows an integrated power cable, along with the Chrome logo stamped right on the front of the streaming device.


The patent also shows a much thinner device than the final product, instead, more closely resembling the first generation Chromecast. Regardless, Google still owns the patent for the next 15 years, so maybe we’ll some type of iteration revealed in the future.

You can check out all of the official patent images below:

[9to5Google | US Patent Office]

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