FCC documents reveal closer look at new Nvidia Shield 2 handheld


Nvidia just took the wraps off of its second-generation Shield Android TV set-top box, but it doesn’t look like the company is stopping there. A new series of photos have leaked online from an FCC filing that appears to showcase what Nvidia’s second generation of its Shield Portable will look like.

At first glance, the back of the controller doesn’t appear to be as curved as the original Shield Portable and it’s hard to tell from the images, but the screen may be a hair bigger than the original portable. We’ll leave you to make your own guesses from the set of photos pulled from the FCC filing documents.

Nvidia has yet to say anything about a second generation of its portable device, but we do know that the second-generation of its Shield Tablet was canceled, likely in favor of helping Nintendo realize its vision with its new portable hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch.
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