New developer email suggests Android Wear 2.0 coming in February


2016 wasn’t a great year for Android Wear devices or smartwatches in general, but that looks to be changing soon. Google pushed back the release date of Android Wear 2.0 to an unspecified time in 2017, but now thanks to a developer email we have a better idea of when to expect it.

The following email was sent to an Android Wear developer to help them get ready for some of the new features that will be found in Android Wear 2.0.

You’ll notice that the new on-watch Play Store is mentioned, which means Google wants as many Android Wear developers supporting this new way to browse apps. Likely most Android Wear developers who have apps in the Play Store received this email, as it’s an attempt to get them to update their apps to a new APK mechanism that will allow them to show up in the on-watch Play Store.

If you’re curious if your Android Wear device is getting the update, be sure to check the full list here.
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