Despite white Mi Mix reveal, Xiaomi isn’t committed to entering US in 2017


Despite unveiling a white variant of its ceramic-backed, bezel-less beauty the Xiaomi Mi Mix at CES this year, Xiaomi still refuses to commit to saying it has plans on entering the US market sometime in 2017. Rumors before the show all the way back in August seemed to suggest that Xiaomi is getting its ducks in a row before entering the US market, which many thought would be this year. In fact, in November it was rumored that Xiaomi was testing their devices on US networks.

In a new interview with CNET, when asked explicitly about his company’s plans to enter the US market, global VP Hugo Barra had this to say:

“We don’t have any specific-enough plans yet that we’re comfortable talking about yet. Eventually, we’ll make our way over here.”

Barra’s refusal to commit to a specific date runs contrary to several rumors before the show, which is surprising considering Xiaomi saw fit to showcase the white variant of its gorgeous new bezel-less phablet, the Mi Mix. Despite his refusal to commit to a timeframe, Barra does at least confirm that Xiaomi’s sights are set on the US.

Still, that’s no consolation to those who want to get their hands on the black or white variants of the Mi Mix, which are retailing for upwards of $900+ on sites like GearBest and even eBay. The unique phone has generated a lot of interest for the company here in the States, so it’s interesting to see the company isn’t quite ready to take the plunge just yet.
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