Xiaomi’s new TV is thinner than a phone and has virtually no bezel


TVs are a huge deal at CES every year. People are drawn to giant displays with ridiculous resolutions. One TV that is getting a lot of attention this year is the Xiaomi Mi TV 4. It’s thinner than your phone and it might have less bezel too.

Unless you have an ancient CRT, thickness isn’t that important in modern TVs. They’re all pretty dang thin. The Mi TV 4, however, is absurdly thin. Coming in at just 4.9mm thick, it’s thinner than the Pixel (7.6mm) and iPhone 7 (7.1mm). It almost looks like a 2D object when you look at it from the side. The TV also has an AI-driven system that offers viewers personalized recommendations.

Beyond the insanely thin display, this TV has some other nifty features. Xiaomi is calling this a “modular TV.” You can independently upgrade the motherboard and other components, which are far cheaper than the display. One such component is an included soundbar that is compatible with Dolby Atmos.

The Mi TV 4 will be available in China later this year for “under $2,000.” Like most Xiaomi products, we probably won’t see this TV in the US. Sad face.

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