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Jan 6th, 2017

Google Home is a speaker that has all the knowledge of Google. You can ask it questions and get answers in a friendly voice. But what would happen if Google started talking to Google Home? That is exactly what’s happening right now in a strange and hilarious Twitch live stream.

Making gadgets talk to each other isn’t a new thing. People have done it with the super creepy Furby. My personal favorite is the classic “Dueling Carls.” Google Home is the latest in this venture. The two devices have been named “Vladimir” and “Estragon. They’ve already been talking to each other for several hours. As I am writing this article, they are talking about God. Pretty serious stuff.

If you’ve got a few minutes to kill, check out the stream embedded above. The conversation log on the side of the screen keeps track of everything they say. Let us know in the comments what they’re talking about as you watch!

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