Jan 4th, 2017

Every year at CES, we see plenty of oddball accessories and electronics that either never make it to market, or are so outrageous that no one thinks twice about them. However, there are some that are introduced that actually would make for a good addition to your life.

Take the LG Smart InstaView Refrigerator, for example. The smart fridge features a new touchscreen panel which is powered by WebOS, but includes Amazon’s Alexa Voice Services. This means you’ll be able to talk to your fridge and get questions answered without pulling out your smartphone, tablet, or laptop while you’re cooking. 

The Smart InstaView also includes a 2MP “panoramic super-wide-lens camera” which will show you what’s going on in your fridge. This could help you to determine what you’re running out of so you can add it to your grocery list. Then, in turn, you could ask Alexa to add the item to your grocery list, using only your voice.

It seems that Amazon’s Alexa is coming to more and more connected devices and may be the de-facto choice for smart home services in the future. If Google wants to catch up with Google Assistant, the company definitely has its work cut out.


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