LG announces a range of Google Cast-enabled soundbars


LG is joining the line-up of products that are Google Cast compatible with a new line of audio equipment and soundbars to complement their already great TVs. These new Google Cast-enabled soundbars will allow you to stream your music from your phone or tablet with just a tap instead of worrying with troublesome Bluetooth connections.

The SJ9 is LG’s latest offering and it incorporates Dolby Atmos technology in order to give you cinematic sound. Dolby Atmos offers audio that can be placed anywhere within a three-dimensional space to create more immersive sound. While I haven’t personally experienced LG’s latest offering, my daily driver the ZTE Axon 7 features it and it results in richer, clearer audio when it’s enabled.

LG also unveiled the SJ8 sound bar that features a 38mm profile, but integrates with LG’s newest range of TV models. With the TV Perfect Fit Kit, the SJ8 sound bar can be integrated with certain LG TV sets by replacing the original stand with the SJ8 sound bar.

Finally, the LG SJ7 soundbar can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, depending on the listening experience the user wants. This is thanks to the sound bar’s split bar design, which provides stereo sound in just about any configuration you’d like. One-half of the soundbar contains built-in batteries so it can be used as a rear speaker, or as a portable speaker should you want to take it outside.
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