Non-modular LG G6 will be much cheaper to build


It’s no secret that the modular LG G5 was a flop. LG’s attempt to build a modular phone was half-hearted, resulting in an uninspired device with expensive accessories. While LG’s smartphone business has been bleeding money for over a year, an analyst from KB Securities claims that investors should take a second look at LG since the manufacturing cost of the LG G6 will be 20% lower than that of last year’s LG G5. 

The fact that LG is kicking modular smartphone design to the curb so quickly is disappointing, but a non-modular LG G6 could be crucial to LG’s comeback. Since the phone is cheaper to build, LG will be able to reduce the price of the phone to make it more appealing or pocket more profits with every phone it sells. Combine that with the fact that the LG G6 will likely hit the market a month sooner than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG’s mobile division may actually have a chance at posting a profitable quarter (or two) in 2017.

Also, there may just be enough disillusioned Samsung owners willing to jump ship to LG to actually move the needle.

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