Bloomlife pregnancy tracker costs $149, but peace of mind is priceless


Despite all the modern medical advances and precautions designed to give you peace of mind while your little bundle of joy incubates, pregnancy is an uncertain time for all women. That uncertainty is multiplied for first-time moms, who aren’t sure what to experience with their pregnancy.

Is that a contraction or a kick? Did the baby move? How are my vitals?

These are all questions that women rely on doctors to answer, but a new clinically tested smart device called Bloomlife is aiming to assuage pregnancy fears.

Bloomlife is a smart device that you place on your stomach during your pregnancy to monitor your contractions. The aim of the device is to give you a second opinion and showcase data that’s informative, so you can understand what you’re feeling thanks to the reports from the device.

It works by snapping into a small patch that is placed on your belly. The patch lasts for 7 days and it continuously records your contractions, timing them and keeping a log of the history of your pregnancy, so you can understand your contraction patterns and see how they change over the course of your pregnancy.

Share your journey

The data that Bloomlife tracks is private, but if you wish to share your experience and milestones with your partner, family, or friends than the app makes all of that very easy.

In the future, Bloomlife hopes to build a community features, allowing you to compare your data and experience to the aggregate information collected from all users. What is “normal” is different from woman to woman, pregnancy to pregnancy, and moment to moment within those pregnancies, but comparing your experience to other users, or even your own historical data, can provide great insight.

Beta users have reported that not only does the system give them peace of mind during a time of high stress, but access to insights can help prevent expensive, disruptive, and unnecessary hospital visits.

A bigger mission

The object of improving the pregnancy experience is valiant alone, but Bloomlife has their eye on a much bigger objective: impacting prenatal health on a global scale and improving birth outcomes.

Dr. Eric Dy, co-founder and CEO of Bloomlife, says that while over 10% of women deliver preterm, the underlying causes and triggers are poorly understood. This accessory, app, and the community behind it will help researchers collect and mine a wealth of data that can help find patterns that help avoid pitfalls, identify early warning signs, and improve outcomes.

Is it safe to use?

Bloomlife is completely safe to use during your entire pregnancy, as it doesn’t transmit any energy into the body. This makes it safer than ultrasound and Doppler, so you should have no concerns about wearing the device to monitor your contractions.

The creators of the device have put it through extensive clinical testing and compared the results to hospital-based systems. The result of this testing is that Bloomlife has been proven to be accurate, reliable, and most of all a safe method to monitor your pregnancy. The results of the Bloomlife study have been published at the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Now available to reserve

Bloomlife has been in beta but will be ready for consumers by March 2017. If you want to be among the first, you can reserve one now starting at $149 for the device and 1-month of service. Head on over to the Bloomlife website and feel free to tell them we sent you!
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