TrackR announces new item locators for your home


Everyone loses stuff around the house. Keys, remotes, glasses, etc. TrackR has released a new line of tags specifically for finding things in your home. The new tags have more accurate location information thanks to a series of WiFi plugs.

The TrackR Pixel is the new device. It’s made of plastic, includes an LED light, and easily fits on a keyring. TrackR is using a new cloud-based platform to map out your home with a series of plugs that connect to WiFi. Users can create floorplans in the app and get alerts when an item enters or leaves a room. How cool is that?

The TrackR Pixel also works with Amazon Alexa. The TrackR Pixel and plugs are available now for pre-order. The Pixel costs only $25 while the plugs will set you back $40.

[via TrackR]

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