LG looks to enhance your Bluetooth listening experience at CES 2017


As the company continues to make strides towards the release of the LG G6, LG is preparing to unveil a few new accessories at CES next week. Yesterday, we learned of a new levitating Bluetooth speaker which is IPX7 resistant and features 10 hours of battery life.

Today, LG has taken the wraps off its latest wearable device in the form of the LG TONE Studio speakers. LG is known for providing easy-to-use Bluetooth headphones, complete with the neckband so that you never have to worry about the cords getting tangled up. However, the TONE Studio’s offer a completely different experience.

The neckband that some users love, is actually a Bluetooth speaker, with 4 different speakers built-in. LG claims the speakers “bring a realistic theater-like sound for a cinematic experience wherever you may be”.

The company has included a pair of earbuds with the TONE Studio so that you can still listen to your favorite content without interrupting someone else. However, if you’re on the beach and want to sit back and relax with some good tunes, the TONE Studio may be the way to go.

Next up are LG’s first wireless earbuds. The TONE Free is a set of Bluetooth wireless earbuds that again are nestled within a neckband when not in use. The neckband also doubles as a charger for the earbuds when not in use, but LG has also included a charging case if the neckband isn’t your thing.

LG has also built some extra functionality into the TONE Free neckband aside from being able to charge the earbuds. When the ear buds are in use, the neckband will provide vibration alerts for incoming phone calls and text messages, making it easier to know when to see what’s going on with your device.

LG will be showing off the two aforementioned products, along with its new levitating Bluetooth speaker and more at CES 2017, which kicks off next week. Of course, pricing and availability have yet to be announced but would you be interested in either of these products? Let us know in the comments below.

[LG Newsroom]


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