Google Play promo lets you rent any movie for $1


Sometimes the best way to spend the holiday with family is by gathering around the TV for a nice, wholesome holiday movie. Whether it’s Home Alone, The Grinch, or Die Hard (one of my favorites), Google’s got your back with a new promo for a movie rental.

If you hop on over to the Play Store, you’ll find that you can rent any movie in Google’s vast library — SD or HD — for only 1 buck. Considering most new movies run about $6 per rental, it’s a great way to spend the holiday weekend with the family.

Once the promo has been redeemed, you’ll have until January 23rd to rent something, so that even gives you the option of saving it for New Years. Just remember the deal is only good for 1 movie per Google account, so you’ll need to get the whole fam on the action if you plan on streaming the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy.

If Amazon Prime Video is more your thing, they also have a $1 movie rental deal going on using the code MOVIE99. You’ll find the rental promo on their site right here.

Whatever your choice may be, head on over to the Google Play via the link down below to redeem the offer, or you use the following promo code during checkout: AB3Z3ENNBL22QVGRSA00HJ8.

Rent a movie on Google Play

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