Google Drive now offers annual storage plans for extra space


Google is pretty generous with the space they give you with their free account, with 15GB offered to every free account and additional storage for completing their security check-up each year to make sure your account stays safe. The extra storage plans have been available for some time, but you’ve only been able to pay monthly for storage. $1.99 a month nets you 100GB, while $9.99 a month will give you a whopping 1TB of space.

As you can see, you’ll save if you decide to sign up for annual billing for either account. You save around 17% off the price of each plan, bringing the 100GB plan to $19.99 per year and the 1TB plan to $99.99 a year. This pricing makes more sense as Google steps up to compete with Dropbox, which offers a similar plan for $99 a year.

Head on over to the Google Drive storage page to see how much space you’re using in your account and if you could stand to upgrade. The new annual option makes it much less of a hassle and was the one thing keeping me from getting extra storage in my account.
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