T-Mobile’s next Uncarrier event is happening at CES


T-Mobile has announced a new Uncarrier event for next year at CES, which is will debut on January 5th. T-Mobile’s goal with its Uncarrier events is to remove points of pain for consumers when it comes to using their wireless data and service. We’ve already seen some bold moves from T-Mobile earlier in the marketing campaign that has completely changed the landscape of how the mobile industry works.

Two-year contracts and early termination fees are no longer a thing T-Mobile customers have to worry about, all while getting unlimited access to many streaming services without taking hits on data caps.

The last Uncarrier event was June 6th of this year and it’s when T-Mobile announced T-Mobile Tuesdays. It’s an exclusive promotion program for T-Mobile customers that offers different rewards including free pizza, Vudu movie rentals, Lyft ride credits and more.
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