Kickstarter open-sources the code for its applications



The Kickstarter engineering team has announced it will be open-sourcing the code for its Android and iOS apps. The reason for this is to help create a better experience for those trying to find new startups, as well as a better overall experience for users of Kickstarter users.

We focus on writing well-tested code built with parts that can be easily understood on their own, and to do that we’ve adopted many functional programming techniques. There have been a ton of benefits to this, some of which we couldn’t have predicted at the start. We are excited to share these findings with the developer community.

Since the Kickstarter application hasn’t been updated since July, it makes sense for the developers to look to the community to help build a better application. Of course, there’s no timetable for what’s to come in the future, but we can expect to see new updates sooner, rather than later.



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