Microsoft may be looking to turn Cortana into an Alexa competitor


Microsoft has announced it will be opening Cortana to developers, as well as other parties who create various products. Think of this is as a head-on competitor to Amazon’s Alexa, as well as the various Echo products.

Microsoft’s Skills Kit for Cortana works alongside the Alexa Skills Kit by allowing you to use Microsoft’s Framework to create bots for Cortana. This will make the transition from Alexa to Cortana a seamless one, without requiring too much extra development.

The Cortana Devices SDK allows manufacturers to create various smart devices, including a product which was previewed from Harmon Kardon. The product combines high-quality audio, with Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant to offer another option in the smart home space. Microsoft claims this new product will be revealed in 2017.

Although Microsoft has fallen off in the mobile devices category, it seems that they are ready to push forward with smart homes and Cortana. Depending upon what’s released by developers and OEMs in the future, could you see yourself using an Amazon Echo-like device powered by Microsoft?

[TechCrunch | Windows Blog]


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