Project Fi now has a referral program allowing you to earn up to $200


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Love Project Fi and want to earn a bit of extra cash? Google has introduced a new referral program for its mobile service that offers new and existing customers $20 in credit for using the program. When you open your Project Fi app and view the Account tab, you’ll see a new “Refer A Friend” option to get the process started.

Clicking on it will generate a code you can give to anyone in your contacts. Anyone who signs up to Project Fi using the code you generated within 30 days will earn themselves and you a $20 bill credit. In order to be eligible, the referral can’t have signed up with Project Fi in the past and they must pay for two months of service.

The only caveats here is that you’re limited to ten referrals, which means the most you can make from this deal is $200 in bill credit. You’ll have until January 11, 2017 to do so, so start sending those referrals to friends who keep griping about their current carrier.
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