Google Assistant can now control your Nest Thermostat from your Pixel


For some reason when Google Assistant on the Pixel and Pixel XL was launched, there was no way for users to control their Nest Thermostats. We would chalk this up to being a new software feature that needed some polish, but the same couldn’t be said about Assistant on Google Home.


Image courtesy of Android Police

Now, it seems Google has pushed a backend update to its Assistant feature which allows Pixel devices to control their Nest Thermostats. First discovered by the folks at Android Police, the screenshot above shows the response you get when using your smartphone to change the temperature in your home. Minus the absurd 273 degree request, Assistant was able to accurately understand what the user meant and change the thermostat accordingly.

There may still be a bit of a catch, however, as this cannot be confirmed as able to work for those who have never owned Google Home. So this leads us to ask you if you are able to duplicate the above actions even if you don’t own Google Home.


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