The Meizu Band features a heart rate monitor and 15-day battery life for less than $35


Today has been a busy day for Meizu as it has already announced the new Meizu M5 Note, but the company also announced a new wearable to accompany its latest smartphone. The Meizu Band looks to take on the likes of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 2 head-on in more ways than one.


The Meizu Band offers almost everything you could want from a basic fitness tracker with an advertised 15-day battery life and a built-in heart rate monitor. The Band is also IP67 certified, meaning you will be able to wear this tracker in just about any situation that you could find yourself in.


Unfortunately, the Meizu Band does not feature a touch screen display, instead, featuring an OLED display that shows the time and other small pieces of information. For less than $35 you can’t expect something as robust as the Huawei Fit, but the Meizu Band will be perfect for someone looking for something unobtrusive.

The biggest advantage that the Meizu Band has over the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is its wireless charging. Unlike its competitor, the Band simply attaches to the charging cable magnetically and will charge up immediately. Whereas the Mi Band 2 requires you to remove the device from its wrist strap and then plug into the charger.

Perhaps the next biggest advantage for the Meizu Band is its price. Meizu has priced this new wearable at ~$32 (CNY 229), making it another great, and cheap, option on the wearable market. It’s unlikely we’ll see the Meizu Band made readily available on this side of the world, but Meizu will begin selling the band on December 8th directly through its own website.

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