Phone too slippery? These $8 cases feel like soft-touch sandpaper for unbeatable grip


It feels like just about every smartphone launching these days features some kind of a metal build. Apple and HTC have been doing it for years now, but it’s only fairly recently that metal smartphone housings have become somewhat of a mainstay, with even mid-range and a few low-end devices featuring some sort of metal exterior.

It’s because of this, you may have noticed that you’ve been fumbling your smartphone more than you used to. Like non-stick Teflon coated cookware, metal smartphones are slippery as hell. Oh, and the ever shrinking side profiles certainly aren’t helping matters.

It’s because of this, many have turned to cases, not just for the protection they offer, but just to get a confident grip on their phones. The problem is that most cases add quite a large amount of bulk to their devices, and sometimes they’re just as slippery as the phone itself. If you’ve been looking for a case that provides exceptional grip — without all the bulk — Bear Motion could have the cases for you.

It’s like grip tape for your smartphone


Bear Motion has been making low profile, snap-on cases for a wide range of devices for years now, all featuring a rough, almost sandstone like finish for unbeatable grip. The cases are made from a hard plastic material that’s coated in a sort of rubbery finish. If that wasn’t enough to provide adequate grip, that rubbery finish is then blasted with tiny plastic beads that feel like sand to the touch.

It’s not 100% permanent and although some of the “sand” can rub off over time, there’s still a lot that remains intact and the rubber underneath is porous enough to continue providing grip through the years.



For some, the biggest downside to Bear Motion’s cases is that they’re snap-on. For those unaware, snap-on cases are a step above skins, protecting your phone from minor drops and dings, but offering nothing near the all-around protection you’ll find from other case manufacturers (Spigen’s lineup for instance).

The top and bottom of the phone is left completely exposed and the cases are also incredibly thin, offering only a slight lip around the sides of the display. For some folks, that’s more than enough, but others looking to protect their phone from the Apocalypse may want to look elsewhere or think about also investing in a tempered glass screen protector.



Probably the best part about Bear Motion’s cases is they wont break the bank. Priced at $8, the cases come in a variety of colors: black, grey, navy blue, army green, and red (that’s actually more of a pink). With free 2-day shipping for Prime members, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get well ahead of the holiday rush.

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