Latest Google Play Services gets ready for Android Pay on watches and Instant Apps



The latest version of Google Play Services has slowly started rolling out. This is version 10.0 of Google’s all-important service pack for Android devices. The APK has been torn down to reveal some goodies for the future. The two most notable features that were discovered include Android Pay for Android Wear devices and Instant Apps.

Let’s start with Android Pay. The new APK has many references to “wear” and “tp.” which refers to “Tap and Pay.” If that’s not clear enough, the text also mentions Android Pay and “your watch.” AP points out that this isn’t the first time Wear and Tap and Pay have been mentioned together, but it’s looking more solid this time.

Now for Instant Apps. In case you forgot, they were announced earlier this year as a way to use an app without actually installing it on your device. Instead of being directed to a mobile site you could potentially use an app. The new APK has made progress in Instant Apps. All of the activities and services have been enabled. This points to Google testing the Instant Apps and getting ready for a public launch.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Services 10.0
[via Android Police]

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