Top 5 Android Apps & Games of the Week (November 18, 2016)


Every week, hundreds of Android apps and games are submitted to the Play Store. If you’re not paying attention 24/7, it’s easy to miss some of the best stuff. Each week we will highlight five of the best new or overlooked apps and games. You’re sure to find some hidden gems in these recommendations. Go forth and download!

1. PhotoScan


PhotoScan is an app by Google that aims to make it easy to scan and save all your printed photos. Instead of trying to use your phone to take a picture of a picture, PhotoScan uses some magic to make the process easier. Simply get the photo in frame and line up the dots. PhotoScan will piece everything together and give you a flat photo without any glare. It doesn’t work perfect every time, but when it does, it’s very cool.

DOWNLOAD: PhotoScan – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: No
  • Rating: 4.2/5
  • Installs: 500,000 – 1,000,000

2. Wallpaper Modder


Have you ever found a cool wallpaper, but the colors are all wrong? Wallpaper Modder is a simple app that allows you to customize any wallpaper. You can adjust the hue and saturation to get the perfect color. The app also allows you to tweak the brightness, contrast, and blur to make it look exactly how you like. You can even invert the colors for a drastic new look.

DOWNLOAD: Wallpaper Modder – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 5/5
  • Installs: 50 – 100

3. Fingerprint Quick Actions


One of the cool features on the Pixel phones is the ability to perform gestures on the fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint Quick Action is an app that brings that functionality to all phones and adds extra features. You can choose what happens when you single tap the sensor and when you swipe your finger across it. The app works with unrooted phones, but has enhanced stability with Xposed.

DOWNLOAD: Fingerprint Quick Actions – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

4. Parallel


Parallel is an unreleased game that asks you to find matching elements as fast as you can. An element is made up of a shapes, colors, and numbers. You have to act quickly to find the element shown at the bottom in the crowd of other elements. The goal is to get as many as you can in the allotted time, but every wrong answer takes your score down. See if you can beat your friends’ scores.

DOWNLOAD: Parallel – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: Yes
  • Rating: N/A
  • Installs: 100 – 500

5. Maze Dungeon


Maze Dungeon is a game that puts you in the middle of a dark maze. The goal is to get the glowing cube to the end, but since the maze is dark you can’t see all the paths. To make things even more difficult, you only have a certain amount of moves before your cube runs out of energy. As the game gets harder you will have to match the glowing color at the end of the maze.

DOWNLOAD: Maze Dungeon – Google Play

  • Price: Free
  • In-app Purchases: No
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Installs: 1,000 – 5,000

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