The latest update to Fallout Shelter brings a new Quest location



In August of last year, Fallout Shelter burst onto the scene bringing Fallout to our smartphones and tablets. The game was released in anticipation for Fallout 4 and allows you to meticulously create and run your own habitat full of new faces, emergencies, and the need for supplies.

Bethesda has just pushed an update to the game bringing it to version 1.9 and comes with some new features while preparing for the future. First and foremost, the update now allows the dwellers to perform Quests within Caves, which was not previously available. The update also brings Thanksgiving themed quests while preparing for the release of both Christmas and New Years quests.


  • Vault-Tec engineers continue working tirelessly to bring you another great update!
  • Curious Dwellers have uncovered an exciting new Quest location and can now embark on Quests that take place in Caves!
  • A busy Dweller is a happy Dweller! New Quests including Faction Theme Quests, Daily and Limited Time Holiday Quests.
  • Continuing general maintenance to fine tune the capacitors inside various aspects of the simulation.

Fallout Shelter version 1.9 is now available for download on the Play Store and can be downloaded via the link below. If you are a hardcore fan of Fallout Shelter, show off your own Shelter in the comments below.

Download Fallout Shelter


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