Second Generation Pokemon may be coming to Pokemon Go soon



Pokemon Go continues to evolve after release thanks to Niantic’s updates for the service that address player issues like the hard to read pokemon tracker and too many low effort pokemon appearing. A recent update to the Pokemon Go .apk testing that new tracker has prompted the folks over at The Silph Road to dig around inside the code to see what they could find and it looks like there are some interesting things in store for Pokemon Go players.

100 new Pokemon references found

Alongside references to Ditto that have been surfacing for some time, Pokedex data for 100 new Pokemon are now referenced in the game’s code. The new data starts at #152 with Chikorita and ends at #251 with Celebi. No moveset data has appeared for these new Pokemon but all that we’re waiting for now is to see them start popping up is a client-side update.

Transform added to the game


References to the move Transform have now been found in the game, including an animation sequence for it. This is the only new move that has been added to the game since it launched and it’s Ditto’s signature move that makes him such a popular Pokemon.

Other references

Aside from the new Pokemon and Ditto’s signature move now making an appearance in the code, some other rumored features have popped up, too. Daily quests for getting those daily bonuses have appeared in the code, as well as a new gym lockout feature.

One of the major complaints people have about the game is that in hotly contested areas, gyms can change hand so quickly that it’s possible to snipe them from players who have done all the work conquering the gym. New code in this build seems to address that with anti-gym-sniping features.

A new error message will pop up if you’re locked out of a gym and you’ll see a millisecond timer that lets you know when the lockout will end
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