Pixel & Pixel XL feature magnets that turn the screen off



Google currently offers a wide range of silicone cases for its Pixel and Pixel XL devices, but none of them feature a flip cover which makes the inclusion of magnets on the devices interesting. The phones are uniquely branded by Google, but their roots still lie in HTC’s current host of devices, which include the same magnetic switch that can be used to turn the phone’s screen on or off when placed near magnets.

According to 9 to 5 Google, the magnets can be found around the G logo that’s emblazoned on the back of the device. Placing a magnet there or around that location but in front of the device will trigger the magnetic switch to turn off the display.

While Google itself doesn’t have a flip case available on the Google Store, you can bet case manufacturers will be taking advantage of this newly discovered feature as the Pixel and Pixel XL have sold out quickly and Google is working to make more stock available.

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