This mod lets you enable stereo speakers on your Pixel [ROOT]



Hardcore Android enthusiasts love front-facing speakers like fat kids love cake. There’s been a stereo speaker mod for each release of the Nexus device going all the way back to the Galaxy Nexus, so it’s no surprise that XDA Developers have already created a mod that serves to give the Pixel stereo speakers.

This mod does require root, so if you’re not comfortable tinkering around with the files on a rooted device it’s not for you. That being said, the mod author says the Pixel is a little different than previous Nexus devices in that because of the Snapdragon 821, it uses a separate speaker DAC which makes the mod a bit tricky.

He says the bottom firing speaker gets much louder on the Pixel than previous devices, so you can’t expect the modded earpiece speaker to match it. It can’t create a surround effect unless you’re willing to lower the volume of the main speaker, which is how the mod works. There’s no flashable .zip yet, so like I said you’ll need to be comfortable with editing files if you want to test this.

View Mod at XDA

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