30+ Best Android Apps [November 2016]


It feels like just yesterday the leaves were starting to turn and we were talking about the start of Fall. Now the leaves are almost all on the ground, and the temperature is starting to drop. The last month gave us a bountiful harvest of new apps. Here are a few of the best that you should download.

New Android Apps



ActionDirector is the only video editing app you need to record, edit and share your cool action videos. The simple video editor interface and helpful tutorials will have you adding action effects to your clips instantly.



AutoTools is a handy app that expands the base functionality of Tasker by letting you do much more with much less work  Toggle Location, Night Mode, Battery Saver and other previously inaccessible settings. Plus, a lot more.

Barometer Reborn


This app is a very simple barometer and atmospheric pressure tracker. You can monitor how the change of atmospheric pressure affects your life, which can be especially useful for people who suffer from migraines and seasonal ailments.



ChronoSpin is a live wallpaper that displays time with an analog clock. But when you swipe up a puzzle game based off the arcade game ‘PipSpin’ pops up. If you lose, it immediately goes back to being a clock. If you win it continues.



CobbleCord aims to help people cut the cord. It will allow you to cobble together your perfect combination of online streaming video services. CobbleCord can ensure that you’re getting the most for your entertainment dollar.

Disney Store Central


Dive into hundreds of Disney adventures, starring all of your favorite characters with Disney Story Central. Everyone in the family can build their own collection of stories, themed with the characters they love and get personal recommendations.



DraftMaster is a new, mobile-first take on fantasy football that delivers the best parts of daily and season-long fantasy, without the headaches. The gameplay is simple: draft your weekly lineup, compete against your friends, select your keepers, and repeat.



Flychat is a nifty app that turns your favorite messaging apps into floating chat bubbles. It looks a lot like Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger. When a message comes in it appears as a bubble on the side of the screen. When you tap on the bubble it opens a floating window so you can respond without leaving the current app.

Fingerprint Quick Action


Fingerprint Quick Action is a new app featured on XDA Developers that brings gestures to your fingerprint scanner. So far single tap and a fast swipe are supported and you can perform several different actions with these two gestures.

Google Wallpapers


Google released the Wallpaper app that can be found on the Pixel phones for all Android devices. Choose one of your own photos, an image from the Google Earth collection, a scenic landscape from Google+, and more. You can even have the wallpapers change daily.



Lifestage hit iOS back in August as a teen-oriented social network that aims to bring the concept of Facebook to the 21 or younger crowd. The app functions similarly to Snapchat in that you can take small videos and pictures to add to your profile to show off your likes, dislikes, and anything that happens in your life.



Marsbot helps you discover new places by learning what you like and then sending you recommendations via text. Unlike a chatbot or personal assistant, Marsbot isn’t here to answer your questions or help you do your laundry; instead Marsbot pays attention to your habits and learns about the places you go.



Have a question about a book? Want to share a book-related picture? Want to follow your friends and see what they’re reading? You can do this and so much more with Readfeed. It’s similar to the service “Goodreads.”



With SoloLearn, you can learn programming concepts by going through short interactive texts and fun follow-up quizzes. Currently, the app covers 11 programming disciplines with over 900 topics that range from basic, to intermediary, to advanced levels.



Stash is an intelligent bookmarking tool that will automatically analyze and organize links that you save, allowing you to find them when you need them. The app scans the page you want to bookmark and labels it appropriately.



TalkType is a keyboard all about voice input. Simply tap the microphone to dictate. The best-in-class voice recognition provides you a fast, accurate and seamless dictation experience. You can even do stuff like search and share GIFs with your voice.



Tango is the first app from the Tango team (formerly Project Tango). It brings Augmented Reality to your smartphone. The app helps you launch your favorite AR experiences and discover new apps. Right now it only works with the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro.



Tiles makes use of the new Nougat APIs to provide new tiles that can be added to Quick Settings. These tiles can change system settings and take quick actions without leaving the current app. Some examples of tiles include email, power dialog, calls, camera, weather, and more.

Trip Tracker


Trip Tracker is another free app from the Microsoft Garage team. It automatically records your drives, runs, walks, and bike rides. The app works in the background, and will auto detect when your activity has started.

Uptime Robot


This is the official app for Uptime Robot, which is a free uptime monitoring service that supports multiple monitoring types. It can notify you once a monitor is down via e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Slack, HipChat, push, and more.

Yahoo View


The Yahoo View app brings you thousands of TV clips on-the-go and lets you be the first to see today’s trending videos. Watch the latest must-see clips in comedy, late night talk shows, celebrity & entertainment, news and movie trailers.

Weekly App Round-ups

These are apps featured in our “Download This” series. Not all of these apps launched in the last month, but we try to highlight apps that most people don’t know about. You might find a gem.

Updated Android Apps

Some of the biggest app news comes from app updates. We try to highlight big updates to apps that introduce awesome new features deserving of an entirely new look at an app.


Uber’s newly redesigned app centers around the question, “Where to?” The service now learns from your common routines, so if you take certain routes you’ll see shortcuts that are offered in an effort to predict where you might be headed. Additionally, the app will sync with your contacts so you can set your destination to a person, rather than a place.


Pusbullet is now compatible with Allo. PushBullet has worked with SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and Line since last year, but with the newly released Allo it didn’t take them long to add support for Google’s new attempt at a messaging service.

Best of the Best

The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. This list only scratches the surface. We’ve published numerous “Best Apps” lists for everything from dating to education. Check out the lists below to explore even more!

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