Android Pay now compatible with (some) Capital One cards



Capital One cards are finally supported on Android Pay, as long as you’re using a credit card. Earlier this week Google updated the list of supported banks to include Capital One and several other credit unions before removing it. Now, Capital One is back in the list and it notes that only select cards are supported.

Supported cards include US consumer credit cards and US consumer MasterCard credit and debit cards. The page notes that non-US credit cards, Visa corporate credit cards, and US partnership credit cards won’t work with the service.

I tested the service with my Capital One QuickSilver card and it worked flawlessly, but with the unfortunate method of requiring you to download the Capital One Wallet app in order to verify your card in the service. The app will then send you a code you’ll need to enter to verify the card and activate it. However, once you do verify the card in the Wallet app you should be set to use it in Android Pay.
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