T-Mobile Simple Choice Unlimited subscribers can now take advantage of the Pixel promo


Although Verizon has carrier-exclusivity for the Pixel and Pixel XL, that doesn’t mean you are restricted to subscribing to Big Red. Both Pixel devices are carrier-agnostic, meaning you can use them on AT&T or T-Mobile, which led to T-Mobile’s big announcement last week.

Big Magenta, in a move to help entice new owners of the Pixel and Pixel XL, began offering 50% off the full retail price of the devices. There were a couple of catches with this, however. The first of which required you to purchase the device from Google, and the second required you to sign up for either the T-Mobile ONE or ONE Plus plans.

This promotion is now available to Simple Choice Unlimited Customers, alongside T-Mobile ONE and ONE Plus customers.

In a market that is constantly changing, so is T-Mobile, and the company announced that the promotion would be extended to Simple Choice Unlimited subscribers. You will still be required to purchase the device from Google (or someone you know), but T-Mobile will then see a $13.55 credit on your monthly bill for 24 months.

If you really are dedicated to both Google and T-Mobile, this seems like a great way to get the best of both worlds and save some money in the process. On the other hand, it just seems as a way for T-Mobile to lock you in for 2-years if you’re committed to recouping the cost of your device.



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