Bixi is a $79 puck for controlling your phone with hand gestures


There’s nothing more annoying than needing to do something on your phone and having your hands occupied, but that’s where this latest Kickstarter pitch comes in. Meet Bixi, a small puck of a device that allows you to control any phone with simple hand gestures.

Controlling devices with hand gestures isn’t something new as several manufacturers offer some gestures such as twist to open the camera and wave your hand over the device to turn on the display, but Bixi is different because it lets you control attached peripherals and other devices with just gestures, too.


Bixi supports nine gestures that have been outlined on the project’s official Kickstarter page, showcasing what these gestures do based on the apps you’re using. Several use cases are listed too, such as when you’re driving, cooking, or showering.


The Kickstarter launched today and has already hit its goal of $35,000 with 38 days left in the campaign. There’s some early bird pricing available if the concept interests you, but those slots are limited and the cheapest price for the device is already sold out.
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