More than 1 million Galaxy Note 7 devices still in use, despite recall



Despite being officially recalled twice, there are some die-hard Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners who are refusing to give up the device. In fact, new data from Apteligent shows that there are more Galaxy Note 7 devices in use now than when initial reports of device malfunctions first started at the beginning of September.

Peak usage of the device happened on Monday, shortly after the device returned on sale from all four major US carriers and in some places around the world. Tuesday when Samsung made the announcement that it had shut down production of the Galaxy Note 7 line, the usage of the phone dropped. But worldwide usage of the phone is up 7% above the first recall and the service is reporting over 1 million Note 7 phones still in use as of Wednesday.

So far, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has revealed there have been 96 reported incidents, with 23 of those resulting in burns and 56 in property damage.

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