Latest update to the Play Store adds a new icon and app shortcuts



Google is getting ready for the big launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL by making sure everything is up to date. The latest Google service to get some love is the Play Store. An update is rolling out now that includes the new round icon and app shortcuts for the Pixel Launcher. The update also adds 4K movies and TV shows and a new icon for promos and gifts.

Round icons were rumored before the official announcement of the Pixel phones. A lot of people were against this design, but it’s here to stay (for now). The default launcher on the Pixel phones adds round icons to every app. The Play Store has ditched the shopping bag for a simple white circle. We’re not huge fans of the round icons, but it is what it is.


The second change to the Play Store icon is the addition of an app shortcut. When you access the shortcut you’ll see an option to jump straight to “My apps.” If you like to check for updates frequently, this shortcut will save some time. Lastly, 4K movies and TV shows will soon be available for renting and purchasing. A new icon for promotions and gifts is larger and more colorful. Download the new version of the Play Store here.

[via AndroidPolice]

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