Sharp is working on a new display which features all rounded corners


Sharp isn’t one of the first company’s that would be mentioned when talking about pushing the limits of smartphone manufacturing, but it seems that’s exactly what they are doing. After unveiling the Sharp Aquos Crystal and its edge-to-edge display, Sharp is at it again after they showed off a new device with a curved display.


It’s obviously not the first time we’ve seen a device with curved displays, but we have yet to see a device that features almost no bezels on three of the four sides of the device. The device concept uses Sharp’s Free-Form Display technology and is named “Corner R”. The technology allows Sharp to manufacture displays in various different shapes.

This “Corner R” device features a 5.2-inch 1080p LCD display panel and curves around the top, left, and right sides of the device, giving users the most screen real estate without sacrificing usability. The Corner R is still  a work in progress but is being shown off at trade shows to give everyone an idea as to what is in the works for new devices in the future.

[The Verge]


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