Pixel XL completely sold out on Google Store, shipping estimates 5 weeks



Since the reveal of the Pixel phones on Tuesday, the Google Store’s stock of each variety has slowly been dwindling. The first to go was the Really Blue Pixel and Pixel XL, which saw all variants sold out on the same day the phone launched. Since then we’ve watched several variants get marked as out of stock and now every single variant of the Pixel XL is out of stock.

There are still some Pixel variants available for pre-order, but only the Very Silver and Quite Black 32GB versions. The 128GB Pixel model is completely sold out as well.

The phones that are available and in stock also show a delayed shipping time of five to six weeks, rather than the October 20th delivery date they all shared previously. No hints as to when Google will restock the supply so hopefully you got your order in while you could.

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