Looks like LG is working on a transparent, foldable display


For some time now, smartphone companies like Samsung and LG have been working on bendable screen technology. At CES this year, LG showed off a screen that was capable of being rolled up like a newspaper. Now, a new patent filing from the company may reveal a new peek at the sort of tech we might see in the far future.


The patent appears to showcase a book-like device not unlike the upcoming Lenovo Yoga Book or the fabled Microsoft Courier tablet prototype, but features a transparent display that is capable of folding just like a book would. In this particular use case, one side features media control panels, while the other is blank and likely non-transparent.

A peek at what LG has been working on is interesting since back in 2014, they laid out a roadmap for where they expect to see display technology moving forward. Remember the LG G Flex and the G Flex 2? Well, perhaps foldable is the next evolution, according to LG’s roadmap for the future.

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