Google might make the Pixel Launcher available for all Android phones



Yesterday, the Pixel and Pixel XL were officially announced. One of the most noticeable new features is the brand new home screen set up. The Pixel phones come with a new launcher called the “Pixel Launcher.” It leaked a few weeks ago and we were able to test out an early version. Unfortunately, that could be the last time we get to use it on a non-Pixel phone.

Google confirmed that the Pixel Launcher will be the exclusive launcher for the Pixel phones. However, they are considering expanding it to more devices. Google has had a few different launchers over the last few years. The Pixel Launcher was originally the “Nexus Launcher,” and was exclusive to Nexus devices. The Google Now launcher is available for all devices.

Would you use the Pixel Launcher as your daily launcher if it was officially available? What launcher do you currently use?

[via AndroidPolice]

Joe Fedewa
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