Is the Chromecast Ultra worth the upgrade? [POLL]


The Chromecast Ultra was just one of the many new devices announced by Google today, but there’s a rather large question for potential buyers. Does the Chromecast Ultra bring anything new to the table, other than the ability to stream in 4K?


The answer is a rather puzzling one unless you already have a 4K-enabled TV, but if you don’t, there still might be some merit in purchasing the Ultra. Google is not replacing nor removing the current generation Chromecast, which was unveiled last year alongside the Chromecast Audio and now defunct Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Instead, the Ultra is just another option in the lineup but has some perks that may intrigue potential buyers even if they don’t have a 4K TV.

The biggest addition is the inclusion of an improved Wi-Fi connection that Google promises will enable videos to load up to 1.8 times faster when compared to the previous generation Chromecast. If your Wi-Fi network isn’t that fast, Google has included an Ethernet port (yes those are still a thing), to connect your Chromecast Ultra directly into your router for a faster, more reliable connection. Then there’s the ability to link up with the new Google Home and instantly stream your favorite content with nothing more than your voice with the help of Google Assistant.

However, the biggest reason to not get the Ultra if you don’t have a 4K TV is the price. The Ultra will be priced at $69 when it is released in November, while the current Chromecast is available for half the price at just $35, and can be found on sale occasionally.

So really it comes down to a few different factors:

  • Will you be getting Google Home?
  • Do you have a 4K-enabled TV?
  • Do you want a faster Wi-Fi connection or the ability to plug in an Ethernet cable?
  • Do you care about price?

This could really go either way, but luckily that’s where you come in. Let us know whether you think the Ultra is worth the upgrade over the current generation and if you’ll be picking one of these up.

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