The Pixel and Pixel XL will be available in 32GB and 128GB variants


The leaks of the Pixel and Pixel XL started as a trickle, but now they are showing up like a waterfall. At this point, we’ve seen the devices in many different ways and a lot of the specs and features have been unveiled. One of the few things left to uncover is pricing and size variants. A carrier from Australia has some clues for us.


Listings for the Pixel and Pixel XL have been reported as showing up in Telstra’s system. The color options confirm the rumored names of “Quite Black” and “Very Silver.” The more interesting discovery is the storage options. Apparently, the Pixel phones will be available in 32GB and 128GB sizes. There’s no mention of a 64GB model.

Pricing is something we still haven’t confirmed. We’re expecting the Pixel to be around $400 and the Pixel XL to be around $600. All of our questions will be answered tomorrow at the Google event. Stay tuned!

[via Ausdroid]

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