Facebook introduces Messenger Lite to those in emerging markets



Last year, Facebook released a Lite version of its main application which is geared towards those in emerging markets who don’t have the best of the best smartphones. These users still want to stay connected, but due to slowing data connection speeds and entry-level smartphones, the full-fledged application would rarely work.

Fast forward to today and Facebook is releasing a new “Lite” application, this time for Facebook Messenger. The premise for this new app is the same as the Facebook Lite application as it hopes to make things a bit easier for users in emerging markets or those using older devices with less RAM and older processors. Although Facebook has announced this “Lite” version of Messenger, it’s not yet known what exactly has been removed from the full-version to slim this down.

Messenger Lite will launch in Kenya, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, and Venezuela to start but will come to other regions and countries at a later time. If you or someone you know is in one of the previously mentioned markets, they can head over to the Play Store and download Messenger Lite today.



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