Action Launcher adds 3D Touch-like shortcuts expected to arrive with Android 7.1


Although the Google Play Store is home to a vast number of launcher replacements, Action Launcher is widely regarded as one of the best. That’s because of developer Chris Lacy’s tireless work in keeping the launcher up to date with the latest features, while bringing a level of polish you’d normally expect from big OEMs.

In a new update rolling out now, Lacy is further introducing new features inspired from Google’s upcoming Pixel Launchers. Dubbed “Quickcuts,” the feature gives users the ability to swipe on app icons to pull up a list of shortcuts. It’s not too different from the way Apple’s 3D Touch works on the iOS launcher (only you don’t hard press on the screen) and was leaked all the way back in early versions of the Android N Developer Preview. Although the feature hasn’t officially made it’s way to Android proper, you can get a head start playing with it right now through Action Launcher.

Keep in mind that apps will need to have this functionality coded into their app, which, as of right now, seems to be reserved for Google’s own apps. Lacy does mention that he managed to add his own Quickcuts for a few other apps like Twitter and YouTube, but don’t expect too many more until Android 7.1 officially drops later this year.

The new Quickcuts feature rounds out Android Launcher’s extremely robust feature set, implementing just about every known feature from Google’s upcoming Pixel Launcher. The update further sets Action Launcher apart from the competition as one of the most well thought-out and brilliantly designed launchers Android has to offer, but we’ve said enough. Download link provided below.

[Chris Lacy via Google+]

Download on Google Play: Action Launcher

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