You can now earn rewards for using Periscope regularly thanks to its new VIP program


Twitter and Periscope have announced a new VIP program that will allow you to be rewarded for being an influencer on the live streaming service. The different tiers allow you different levels of interaction with the Periscope team so that you can help build up your following and become one of the best Periscope streamers on the web.

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There are three different VIP tiers for which you can earn rewards. The Bronze level will net you “care packages” which will help you look your best, access to the latest features and methods for creating a great stream, and the ability to show up first in search results. The Silver tier includes all the benefits of Bronze, as well as access to “future discovery projects”, the ability to receive a response from the Periscope team within 12 hours, private broadcasts from the Periscope team so you can see what’s in the works, and an invitation to a private Slack channel so you can collaborate with others.

Finally, the Gold tier includes all of the benefits from both the Bronze and Silver tiers, as well as “elevated access to collaborate with the Periscope team”. Now, there is a catch with these different tiers. In order to qualify, you must meet a few requirements. For example, Bronze tier members must have 10,000 followers, an average of over 200 live viewers per broadcast, and broadcast at least twice a week. Silver tier members must have at least 30,000 followers, average over 300 live viewers per broadcast, and broadcast at least twice a week. And, Gold tier members must have over 100,000 followers, average over 500 live viewers per broadcast, and broadcast at least twice a week.

The program is coming soon and if you meet the minimum requirements, you can apply for the Periscope VIP Program via the link here. Let us know below if you still use Periscope, or if you have moved onto another way to share your favorite moments live.



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